You may be asked to leave the Luhrs Center if you do not comply with these courtesies:

Food and Beverages
Snacks, water, and alcoholic beverages are available for purchase at most shows in the Orrstown Bank second floor lobby area before the performance and during intermission and must be consumed prior to re-entry into Grove Theatre.  No open-lid cups can enter the theatre, please.  Outside food and beverages are not permitted inside the building.

Patrons are strongly encouraged to refrain from using large quantities of perfumes or aftershaves prior to arrival at the Luhrs Center. This is a courtesy to other patrons that may be allergic to these types of fragrances.

The Luhrs Center was designed with excellent acoustics, so please be aware that noise, like coughing and talking, can be heard on stage and elsewhere in the theatre as easily as music from the stage carries to the seats.

Photography and Video
Photography and video is strictly prohibited during all Luhrs Center performances. On occasion, there may be opportunities for public meet and greets or book signings where photography is permitted. The Luhrs Center reserves the right to confiscate any camera for non-compliance.

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices
Please remember to turn off all electronic devices that make noise or light up including cell phones and other electronic devices, when enjoying any performance at the Luhrs Center. The Luhrs Center reserves the right to confiscate the device for non-compliance.

The Luhrs Center is a smoke-free facility, which includes electronic and vapor cigarettes.  This also includes smokeless tobacco.

During certain concerts at the Luhrs Center, the artists may encouage guests to stand or dance in front of the stage area or in their seats.  On these occasions. we request that guests who choose to stand be respectful of those seated around them and seated guests be understanding of concert protocol. 

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