Named Gift Opportunities

The H. Ric Luhrs Performing Arts Center - a key part of our Navigating into the Future comprehensive campaign for Shippensburg University - offers donors the opportunity for named gifts that recognize support at various levels. Lead gifts for buildings and facilities may include naming the facility in honor of the donor. Gifts also can be named in honor of the donor, a family member or friend, or in memory of someone. Permanent name recognition is a special record of commitment for everyone to see and for others to aspire to emulate. The following named gift opportunities for the H. Ric Luhrs Performing Arts Center are available for your consideration:

Type of Gift Minimum Gift Availability

Stage $300,000 available

Choral/Instrument Rehearsal Room $250,000 available

Keyboard Lab $250,000 available

Music Library $250,000 available

Side Balconies [6] $100,000 3 available

Piano Studio Room [2] $25,000 1 available

Faculty Offices [6] $25,000 5 available

Music Practice Rooms [4] $25,000 1 available

Elevator Lobby $25,000 available

Third Floor Stair Landing $25,000 available

Fourth Floor Lobby area $25,000 available

Grand Corridor $25,000 2 available

Fourth Floor Elevator Lobby area $10,000 available

Upper Orchestra Sound & Light Lock $10,000 1 available

Side Technical Ledge $10,000 4 available

Side Balcony Sound & Light Lock $10,000 1 available

Third Floor Crossover Corridor $10,000 available

Lower Balcony Sound/Light Lock $10,000 2 available

Upper Balcony Sound/Light Lock $10,000 4 available

Great Acoustics Easily Accessible Free Parking What are other saying?

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